What is Homeopathy and How it Works

Homeopathy is natural, holistic and complete system of medicine re-discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Germany over 200 years ago. It is based on the principal of like cures like with like and uses specially prepared highly diluted substances from natural sources. These remedies stimulate the body’s own healing systems thereby acting as immune boosters. This is opposite to conventional medicine where chemically based drugs supress symptoms within the body which can lead to chronic disease.

The selection of the correct homeopathic remedy is an important part of the process. This is done by understanding the make-up of the individual mentally, emotionally, physically as well as in their relation to their environment.  This information is obtained during the homeopathic consultation. The patient is then given a well-matched homeopathic remedy based on the outcome of the consultation. The remedy stimulates the immune system to heal the body from within naturally.

The remedies are prepared from mineral, plant and animal sources by using serial dilutions and vigorously shaking in a solution of water and alcohol.

Patients are discouraged from taking strong stimulants particularly coffee, mint, alcohol and using perfume whilst receiving homeopathic treatment as they have the potential of antidoting the remedy.

The process of serial dilutions and vigorous shaking imprints the characteristic energy pattern of the original substance into the water mixture.

The homeopathic remedy acts like a catalyst in stimulating the body’s healing systems.

They are extremely safe and can be used in all ages ranging from babies to old age and including pregnant women.

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