I went to Dr Brown for my 2 year old daughter who has suffered with eczema since birth and currently had a fungal infection on her scalp. Within days of starting treatment I could already see improvement and after only a few weeks my daughters skin has improved 90% - she has a few very small patches remaining which I am confident will clear with the remainder of the treatment. Her fungal infection is completely gone! No need for nasty anti-fungal medication at all, which I wanted to avoid. I would highly recommend Dr Brown, she is patient, through and sees the body/person as one whole.

Kara Ali - Birmingham - March 2023

Dr Meenu Brown was very thorough and thoughtful in the initial consultation. She puts you at ease and is very empathetic in the whole process.
The remedy that was recommended, has been very helpful and successful.

Makhan Sandal - Telford - February 2023

"I highly recommend Dr. Meenu Brown as one of the best homeopathic doctors I have ever seen. Previously a GP, Dr. Brown possesses extensive knowledge and experience. I had been suffering from flat warts on my face that continued to worsen...

Vicky Wang - Droitwich - April 2023

She is an amazing Doctor. After starting dr medication my migraine has disappeared now i am starting my course for diabetes.

Alima Begum - Birmingham - February 2024

Dr Brown was incredibly helpful for both myself and my wife. She helped me with keratitis in my eye and the underlying causes with a reassuring skillfulness that is truly rare. We sought her out as she has both Homeopathic training and a medical degree. She had experience working with eye conditions as an MD. I would unconditionally and whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone, near or not-so-near to Birmingham. We travelled two hours each way to her and we are so glad we did.
Client JRW Oxford July 2019

Dr Brown was invaluable assistance and enormous support in my healing. I cannot recommend her highly enought to an individual or a family which is looking into regaining health and balance, whether physical or psychological. Thank you very much, Dr Brown, my husband and I will certainly put our trust in you again if our health will require so.
client KHW Oxford July 2019

Dr Brown has been helping me with my Maturity on set Diabetes, i.e. Type 2 Diabetes and related problems. She has been very thorough in taking my history and over a 12 month period dealt with my related issues individually. As a result I have lost over 2 stone in weight and now I am known as a pre - Diabetic. I feel very well. My GP is incredibly impressed with me, as of course so are my family and friends.
I must say that I have been trying to achieve this for the last 15 - 20 years, without much success and now under the help and guidance of Dr Brown I have achieved my health goals and feel very happy and healthy.
Therefore I do not have any hesitation in recommending Dr Brown to anyone who has health issues and needs some help and guidance to improve their health and well being. "
DS (Shropshire) June 2019


"The remedies that I have taken over time have led me to feeling happier and more content emotionally and mentally. 

They have helped reduce stress and anxiety leading to a calmer more relaxed mental state.
Homeopathy also helps with different stages in your life for example coping with bereavement and loss."

Miss PH (Birmingham)

"I would just like to convey my appreciation to you for the excellent services that I received from you during my treatment.  I consulted you on 7th July,2014. We had a long session lasting for about an hour during which you took a detailed (medical) history.
I started on your therapy which matched the best for my profile. 
I must say your Homoeopathic remedy has done a great job and I hope it continues to work well I would just like to say a big Thank you for your kind help which I greatly appreciate."

Dr SS (Walsall)

"I am very pleased about the progress made by my two sons who have taken homoeopathy treatment from you for the past three years.
Dr P (Kidderminster)

"My son L... has asked me to let you know he now looking and feeling better with himself.Thank you for your help!"

Mr G (Birmingham)


I would like to thank you for your continued assistance I providing my family and myself with the ongoing opportunity of treatment with homeopathic medication. I can confirm that over the past 20 years you have assisted me with homeopathic remedies  a far preferable route than conventional man-made medication. In summary I have no hesitation to recommend Dr Brown and will continue to use her services myself for all future matters. 

Mr M
Solicitor Advocate